ViceLeaker fears malware, can steal photo from smartphone, call recording too

ViceLeaker fears malware, can steal photo from smartphone, call recording too

This malware called ViceLeaker can be dangerous for ordinary users. It can target Android users.
An Android Smartphone Spyware malware has surfaced: ViceLeaker According to cyber security firm Kaspersky, hackers are making Android targets their target through the ViceLeaker. Although it was inactive from Android malware 2016, but is now firmly coming out. Researchers have claimed that this is a Mobile Spying Campaign created by a hackers group that is being run via the ViceLeaker malware.

This report says that the group of hackers from the ViceLeaker are currently making their targets for Android users of Israel and Middle East. But there is also a fact that such malware do not follow any border where they can be sent anywhere in the world, so it is important to take precautions.

Kaspersky has said the ViceLeaker Campaign utilizes utility triath malware and it was discredited by researchers of this Cyber ​​Security firm for the first time in May 2018. According to the report, Bitdefender has also told about this campaign in his blog post.

From the initial analysis, it has been found that these hackers are targeting specifically dozens of Israeli smartphones.

This malware is designed to collect sensitive data from the smartphone. This malware can steal sensitive information such as call recordings, videos, photos, text messages, location data from smartphones and they are alerted without users.

The second serious thing related to this malware is that it has backdoor capabilities, such as it can upload, delete, or download malware files. Even this can control the camera and make calls and messages too.

Kaspersky same in an exceedingly statement, "We square measure presently work whether or not this cluster was concerned in large internet attacks in 2018 or not. though this can be not a daractly, however still it shows that these square measure giant scale and any purpose orientated actors square measure concerned.

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